Our Board of Directors


Michael D. Hankin, Chairman


George S. Hundt, Jr., President and Executive Director 

Edward A. Halle, Jr., Vice-President and Secretary


Charles C. Fenwick, Jr., Vice-President

Charles E. Vieth, Treasurer

Victoria C. Collins

Jack O'D. Fisher


Jack S. Griswold

Gail P. Riepe

Nancy M. Roberts

Easement Committee


Victoria C. Collins


Jack O'D. Fisher


Edward A. Halle, Jr. 

Ann H. Jones

Nancy M. Roberts

Gail P. Riepe

Shawan Downs Committee

Charles C. Fenwick, Jr.

Shockey Gillett

Danielle B. Oster


Staff: Ann H. Jones,  Easement and Rural Legacy Administrator

Danielle B. Oster, Shawan Downs Administrator

Alexandria C. Smith, Special Events Administrator



Look below to see a slideshow of some of the beautiful properties we have helped to preserve






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