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The Land Preservation Trust (LPT) has worked to protect Baltimore County’s agricultural and rural heritage for more than 40 years. LPT is dedicated to the preservation of the region's historic landscape, habitat, and water quality. The Piney Run Watershed Rural Legacy Area sponsored by LPT is the most successful Rural Legacy Area funded by the State of Maryland. To date, property owners have worked with LPT to permanently preserve over 360 easements containing 12,688 acres. 

LPT owns and manages Shawan Downs – over 200 acres of open space and farmland located at the eastern entrance of the N.W County LPT/Rural Legacy preserved area.  Shawan Downs welcomes sponsors of equine events including The Green Spring Valley Hounds Point to Point, the Maryland Combined Training Association, Pony Club, and The Legacy Chase LLC.
For more information about the Legacy Chase click here.

Our Mission

The LPT’s commitment to preserving land and natural resources is demonstrated by

  • Conservation Holding permanent conservation easements in trust.

  • Stewardship  Ensuring the integrity of these easements, and cultivating connections with landowners and people of all backgrounds. 

  • Education  Promoting through innovative methods the value of land preservation, especially its benefits in sustaining healthy resources and habitat.

The Land Preservation Trust (LPT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which preserves open space for future generations throughout northwest Baltimore County.

Our Board of Directors


Victoria C. Collins, President
Edward A. Halle, Jr., Vice-President, and Secretary
Nancy M. Roberts, Vice-President
Charles E. Vieth, Treasurer
Alice Chalmers
Charles C. Fenwick, Jr.
Jack S. Griswold
Gail P. Riepe
Michael Sonnenfeld
Michael T. Wharton

Easement Committee


Michael Sonnenfeld, (Chair)

Alice Chalmers

Vicky Collins

Ned Halle
Gail Riepe
Nancy Roberts

Mike Wharton
Ned Worthington [non-board member]

Shawan Downs Committee

Michael Wharton, (Chair)
Vicky Collins
Charlie Fenwick, Race Director
Bruce Fenwick (non-board member)
Shockey Gillet (non-board member)
Jay Griswold
Blake Sheehan (non-board member)
James Stierhoff (
non-board member)
Charlie Vieth


Vicky Collins 
Ned Halle
Mike Wharton

Vicky Collins
Charlie Fenwick
Jay Griswold

Charlie Vieth, (Chair)

Vicky Collins
Michael Sonnenfeld

Ned Halle
Michael Sonnenfeld



Part-Time Staff and Independent Contractors

Easement Director – Ann Jones

Office Administration - Valerie Fox Becker

Shawan Downs Coordination – Danielle Oster

Communications – Anne Litz

Course maintenance – Rene Mancia Guerra and Kevin Howard

Hay Farming – Branchwater Farms



Non-discrimination Policy

The Land Preservation Trust, Inc. (LPT) does not discriminate on the basis of religion, age, color, race, national origin, gender (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, military status, or disability. To ensure a safe and healthy work environment, LPT requires its directors, volunteers, and employees to observe high standards of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties, and to abide by its Whistleblower Policy, as well as all pertinent local, state, and federal laws.

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The Land Preservation Trust welcomes the opportunity to partner with organizations to provide assistance with conservation initiatives and other environmental projects through various funding opportunities. If your organization is interested in participating with us to provide these services to landowners in Baltimore County, please contact Ann Jones,  As with all of our programs and services, this opportunity is offered on a nondiscriminatory basis, without regard to religion, age, color, race, national origin, gender (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, military status, or disability.

Please contact LPT if you have any questions


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