Donors: 2019 and through Nov 19, 2020 

 Thank you for all you do for LPT, and for your generous donations.
We all look forward to 2021. 

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Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Austin 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Baker 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Bank 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Beckley 

Black & Decker Corp. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jason A. Blavatt 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Blue 

Mr. and Mrs. Perry J. Bolton 

Mr. Robert Bonnie and Ms. Julie Gomena 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Bonsal, Jr. 

Miss Susanna Borghese 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Boswell 

Mr. Gerry L. Brewster 

Mr. Walter W. Brewster 

Mrs. Holly Bricken 

Mr. David Brooks 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerald E. Brown 

Gemmell M. Bruner 

Constance R. Caplan 

Miss Gail Clark 

Mrs. William D. Class, Jr. 

Ms. Caroline H. Claytor 

Mrs. Evelyn S. Cochran 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Collins 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Collins, Jr. 

Mr. Charles C. Coyne 

Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Crawford 

Dr. Barry Daly 

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Davis 

Mr. Samuel Dell 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Drachman 

Terry Dunkin 

Ms. Kathie Emge 

Ms. Carol Fenwick 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Fenwick, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Fenwick, Jr. 

Mr. H. B. Fenwick 

Ms. M. G. Fenwick 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fisher 

Dr. and Mrs. John R. S. Fisher 

Mr. Brian Flowers and Ms. Eliza Gould 

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin W. Foster 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Gardner 

Mr. and Mrs. Jean M. Germain 

Mrs. Iva Gillet 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Goelet 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Goelet 

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell T. Goetze 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Griswold IV 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Griswold 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Halle, Jr. 

Dell Hancock 

Ann and Mike Hankin 

Stephany Harper 

Mr. Torrence Harder 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hardie 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Hebb, Jr. 

Ms. Priscilla S. Hoblitzell 

Mrs. Moira Hoen 

Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Horneffer 

Ms. Lucy A.C. Howard 

Ms. Anne Huber 

Mr. and Mrs. George S. Hundt, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. L R. Huppman 

Mrs. Harriet Iglehart 

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart S. Janney III 

Mrs. Gill Johnston 

Ms. Ann Jones 

Katherine Hooker Limited 

Mr. Tim Kelly 

Mr. and Mrs. James A.C. Kennedy 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Killebrew, Jr. 

Mrs. Anne W. Kinsley 

Mr. Mason H. Lampton 

Mr. M. Ronald Lipman 

Mr. and Mrs. Don Litz 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Lucas II 

Mr. and Mrs. George P. Mahoney, Jr. 

Mr. Stanislaw Maliszewski and Ms. Julia A. Jitkoff 

Mr. and Dr. Nicholas J. Maragakis 

Mr. and Mrs. J.W.Y. Martin, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Matheny 

Mr. and Mrs. George D. Mathias 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. McDonald 

Mr and Mrs. Hugh D. McGuirk 

Mr. H. Turney McKnight 

Mr. Mark McMillan 

Mr. John L. McShane 

Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas L. Meittinis 

Mr. George F. Merck 

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Morris 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Mullan III 

Ms. Alicia S. Murphy 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Murray 

Mr. and Mrs. Jay W. Naish 

Mr. and Mrs. Irvin S. Naylor 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Newhall III 

Mr. Charles E. Noell 

Miss Achsah O’Donovan 

Mr. Richard W. Palmer 

Mrs. Mary Charlotte Parr 

Mr. & Mrs. I. Manning Parsons 

Ms. Janet C. Partel 

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Paternotte 

Mr. William Peck 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Petersen 

Mr. George S. Rich 

Mr. and Mrs. Corbin Riemer 

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Riepe 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Roberts 

Mrs. Frances Rockwell 

RTF Associates 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Sandler 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Schindler 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Shapiro 

Ms. Elizabeth H. Sheehan 

Ms. Sharon Sheppard 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Slater 

Mr. David Smith 

Mr. Lee Snyder 

Mr. J. R. Solter 

Stanley Black & Decker 

Miss Sarah Stein 

Reverend Caroline R. and Mr. William G. Stewart 

Miss Jennifer Sullivan 

Mr. and Mrs. David Sutphen 

Miss Christina Taler 

The Dillon Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Vieth 

Ms. Barbara Voss 

Mr. George Wagman III 

Mr. John Warden and Dr. Marjorie Warden 

Mrs. Mary W. Watriss 

Dr. Rachel Westerlund 

Ms. Betty Shaw Weymouth 

Ms. Amanda S. Wharton 

Mr. Michael T. Wharton 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Whedbee 

Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Williams 

Mrs. Sheila J. Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. Wolfe, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Worrall 

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Wylie Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Yates 


*includes donations as of Nov. 21st 2020

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