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More farms Conserved – for generations to come.

 Let's save 30,000 acres by 2030

Preservation Programs and preservation-minded people are what will keep Rural Maryland rural.

Read below how 5 properties will be here tomorrow because of the partnerships today.

In previous newsletters, we have highlighted the importance of using all available preservation programs to protect the area we love so dearly.

There are also two new state-funded Rural Legacy easements. One farm on Trenton Road includes significant portions of little Pine Run and had previously been subdivided with an eye toward development.  The owner and his children decided that they would rather see the farm preserved than developed, and with the funding available we were able to help them achieve their goal and preserve the farm in perpetuity. 

Finally, thanks to everyone’s help in encouraging Baltimore County to increase funding for the County Rural Legacy program we are preserving a large horse and field crop farm on Longnecker Road, completing a block of preservation in an area that until recently was largely unprotected.

The five properties, comprising 253 acres, that have been protected by LPT to date this year clearly show how the preservation programs work together. Two new easements have been donated to LPT, a smaller, more suburban property that protects important water resources, and a property on Cuba Road preserving the meadows and fields that are an integral part of the rural character of the area.

Peltzer IMG_1276.jpg

The second farm purchased with Maryland Rural Legacy funding is actually the second easement we have purchased from a young farming couple in Hampstead. The easement funding has allowed them to purchase both farms and is emblematic of our commitment to “keep farmers farming”. 

A huge thank you to all of these property owners!
It is because of the individual commitment of so many property owners in the area that we are able to preserve this legacy for future generations. 

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